Egg Donation, Sperm Donation and Embryo Donation

Egg fertilization

Becoming an egg donor, sperm donor, or embryo donor is an incredibly generous act. While all parties intentions might be good at the onset of undergoing an egg, sperm, or embryo donation arrangement, sometimes the process can have unexpected feelings and expectations. It is best to speak with an attorney that is experienced in egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation and obtain the proper legal representation so that your rights are most protected.

There is a good chance that an agency or fertility clinic will require that an egg donor contract or sperm donor contract is in place prior to any medical interventions taking place that outlines the expectations of the intended parents or intended recipients and the donor. The expectations that are generally outlined are compensation, responsibilities of fees, future contact, confidentiality, insurance obligations, process expectations of the intended parents/recipients and egg/sperm donor or embryo donor, custody and disposition of genetic material, parental responsibilities and many more. Sapp Law Office can draft an egg or sperm donor contract, negotiate an egg or sperm donor contract, or review any contracts involving egg or sperm donation prior to their execution. Generally, a non-party representative (agency, attorney, fertility clinic) will maintain contact information for the intended parents/recipients and donor in the event that future contact should be necessary.

With heavy emotions involved, it can be easy for intended parents/recipients and egg donors to be deceived. It is best to speak with an experienced attorney that will make sure that your best interests are protected when you are in your most vulnerable state. Sapp Law Office will give you quality legal advice and inform you of the risks and expenses involved in egg donation in Indiana. Working with an egg donor agency or fertility clinic will also minimize some risks, but it is still best to speak with an experienced assisted reproduction attorney prior to agreeing to a relationship with intended parents/recipients or egg donor through an agency or fertility clinic. The Stork's Nest is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and can be of assistance in matching egg donors and intended parents/recipients. 

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