Why do I need a contract?




This is a question that is asked often. Both parties need to be represented by separate attorneys that have significant experience in third party reproduction so that each of them are protected. Each legal counsel will be looking to protect their client so that one isn’t taking advantage of the other without the other knowing. The other issue that many people fail to understand is that attorneys that are experienced in third party reproduction stay up to date on current trends and issues. Contracts are constantly being updated to reflect new issues that emerge in this growing field. Furthermore, there are many issues that the parties may not have even considered prior to talking to an attorney that has experience in third party reproduction matters. Lastly, many physicians are requiring the parties to have legal representation prior to any procedures happening so that they are complying with the recommendations of their practice, as well as making sure that their patients are being legally protected. Proceeding in a journey without a contract is risky and may set the parties up for future litigation as opposed to a successful journey.